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what is simply shamanic?


simply shamanic is a path whose practices honor two definitions of the word "shaman:"

"a healer who first heals self,"


"one who walks with a foot in each world."

our mission is to help members of the sustainability community increase their capacity for genuine leadership through empathy and earth-based practices.


it all began with a Mountain Lion...


Sage, Beautiful daughter and emisor from Gaia, THANK YOU. You are a present for all of us. Thank you for creating the space for us to be with nature.

Nelly, Mexico

A must do!

Sandra, Minnesota

Sage is absolutely wonderful, passionate, and carries a lot of magic with her. She was a great host to an incredible experience, making everyone feel loved and welcomed, as if she were an old friend. And she spread that energy so well, you felt that way about everyone around you. I would highly recommend doing this, you get to connect to the people around you, and the earth in such a beautiful way. it’s a very fulfilling, and grounding journey. It was like connecting with magic:)

Anwen, Canada



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Labyrinth Ceremony



Held at dawn, at sunset or on the full moon. We will call in directions, release sorrows, walk the Labyrinth and discover answers within. 

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Sessions with Sage



Receive connection and guidance on the land, in the mountains, at the ocean, with the trees.

Remember what you've always known. 

Shamanic Retreats
for Women


Leave it all behind.

Land in Nature.



Lead your life.


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simply shamanic

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